DAI Group

Founded in 2000, the DAI Group provides integrated print, logistics and postal services to customers around the globe,delivering service and added value.

Since we started, DAI has opened operations in Singapore, London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, with all operations sharing our passion for building tailored innovative solutions for our customers.

About the DAI Group

  • The DAI Group

    Initially DAI focused on print and logistics solutions for publishers throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We maintain this focus, with a dedicated division, DAI Print and Logistics, where we continue to provide exceptional levels of services and innovative solutions.

    In 2008, DAI Post was formed. Its mission is – to provide cost effective letter, packet and parcel delivery solutions throughout the Asia Pacific. DAI Post has grown every year since it was formed, due to the increased demand for ecommerce and 3PL logistical solutions.

    As the group continues to grow, we provide centralised management support to both of our divisions (DAI Print and Logistics, and DAI Post), ensuring their ongoing success and growth, and the success of their customers.

    DAI has built a solid customer platform that allows us to effectively partner with our customers and help their businesses grow.